Transferre necesse est; vivere non est necesse

Translations are needed, and done, in enormous quantities these days. They often end up being done in a big hurry by underpaid amateurs with varying skills; besides, in a big rush, not even professionals perform as well as they should – quality cannot be rushed. As a consequence, one runs into bad translations everywhere: on the Internet, in brochures and bulletins, in instructions, in menus, in signs and shop windows. There are too many of them already and more being made. I am not going to add a single one to that lot.

I go for quality. With my daily bread coming from the state pension and translation work putting the salami on the bread, I do not take on more work than I can finish properly. For every commission, I reserve enough time to work at my own pace, making full use of my background and experience, and producing texts that are just right. I figure I owe that much to my clients, and to myself, for the luxury of doing translation not as my primary means of livelihood but as my main obsession.