My business idea is to offer my clients the best services money can buy. My services are translation, language editing, and consecutive interpretation between English and Finnish. I am an authorized translator, which means I am authorized by the Finnish Ministry of Justice to make and confirm official translations from Finnish into English and from English into Finnish. It also means that I have taken an oath before a court of justice to maintain secrecy about all matters revealed to me in my work as a translator or interpreter. Read more, if you like, about

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is where the speaker and the interpreter do not speak simultaneously but take turns. That I have done the most and the longest (about 20 years) at sessions of the Joensuu District Court and also at the Iisalmi District Court and the Eastern Finland Court of Appeals, Kuopio. I have also done it at visits of foreign dignitaries, international seminars, mediation of crimes and disputes, lawyer – client negotiations, child custody and child welfare interviews, and adoption counselling. For interpretation, I usually charge 80 - 120 euro per beginning hour. The rate depends, among other things, on the exactingness of the topic and the situation and the time and advance material available for preparation. I charge the travel and accommodation expenses at cost and, for the working hours spent on travelling, 50-100 % of the hourly rate for interpretation. For multiday interpretation jobs outside Joensuu, I'll make a package offer consisting of a daily fee, travel and accommodation costs, and daily allowances.