My business idea is to offer my clients the best services money can buy. My services are translation, language editing, and consecutive interpretation between English and Finnish. I am an authorized translator, which means I am authorized by the Finnish Ministry of Justice to make and confirm official translations from Finnish into English and from English into Finnish. It also means that I have taken an oath before a court of justice to maintain secrecy about all matters revealed to me in my work as a translator or interpreter. Read more, if you like, about

Language editing

For the process that scholarly articles, conference papers, and books undergo before being offered for publication, the most common term is ‘language checking.’ The term is often understood as just putting in the commas and endings and articles, i.e., correcting grammatical errors, and leaving it at that. In this sense, ‘language checking’ is not part of my service offerings, for it is not sufficient for bringing about publishable English text. Though all Finnish academics can write in English these days, the level of correctness, clarity and fluency required by international journals and publication series is beyond most writers. That is why the texts need editing besides the correction of grammatical errors. Having written scholarly texts in English and corrected and edited texts by others, first my students', later also other scholars' in various fields during my 32-year career as Professor of English, I believe my background is rather suitable for this sort of service. What I do, then, is revise the manuscript to a level where it will hold its own as an English text on any forum. This calls for revision, among other things, of the use of tenses and word order, which tend to show influence of Finnish. Also, the information structure of sentences often needs work, even in texts of advanced writers, and the choice of words and use of phraseology need polishing. The competition for publication in top international journals is stringent, and though the content of the manuscript is naturally the main thing, a clear, fluent use of language is also of great help in getting one’s manuscript accepted.

The best result in language editing is attained through cooperation. When I'm not sure what exactly the writer wants to say in English, I will not try to guess; I ask the writer, in our shared mother tongue. We play electronic pingpong with the text until we both are satisfied with the result. This sort of service you will not get from foreign online language-checking outfits and, most likely, not from Finnish backpack companies either.

My rate for language editing is 35 euro per page (=1560 characters), and scholars from seven universities and a few research institutes, representing twelve different fields (see the page "Clients") have experienced that the service is worth every penny.