My business idea is to offer my clients the best services money can buy. My services are translation, language editing, and consecutive interpretation between English and Finnish. I am an authorized translator, which means I am authorized by the Finnish Ministry of Justice to make and confirm official translations from Finnish into English and from English into Finnish. It also means that I have taken an oath before a court of justice to maintain secrecy about all matters revealed to me in my work as a translator or interpreter. Read more, if you like, about


Though I do translate all texts but cake recipes, some emphases have been formed over the decades by demand. These include official translations (certificates, testaments, business contracts…), legal documents (marriage certificates, divorce, citizenship and child custody contracts and decisions, court documents…), scholarly writings (conference papers, journal articles, doctoral dissertations…), and web pages and brochures of firms, especially those in the tourist industry. Less frequent texts are exemplified by info boards for nature trails, entries to the Guinness Book of Records, a bid for a second-hand tractor in England, and love letters to Asia.

For pricing, I divide texts into two classes, 'normal texts' and 'specialized texts.' The latter include legal texts such as contracts and court documents, technical texts such as condition reports of buildings, medical texts such as medical certificates and epicrises, and scholarly texts such as theses, conference papers and journal articles. The rest are 'normal texts.' The unit of pricing is a page, which equals 1560 characters. For translations from English into Finnish, my rate is 50 euro per page for normal text and 70 euro per page for specialized text. For translations from Finnish into English, the corresponding rates are 60 euro and 80 euro per page. Certification of an official translation with my signature and stamp will set you back 15 euro per document. To the total sum of the invoice, I (have to) add a value-added tax of 24 per cent. The rates were last updated in October 2014.

The rates bend both upwards and downwords. For a rush job requiring evening, night, or weekend work, I add 30-50 % to the taxfree price. If the text is fragmentary and cumbersome to lay out, the raise is 20-30 %. Then again, if the text is longer, such as a set of web pages or a long scholarly article or book, with distinct repetitiveness, I lower the taxfree price by 20-30 %. To students and pensioners, I give a 25 % discount.

When I updated my price list in October 2014, I lowered my rates by 9 euro a page so as to make my services more accessible to everyone. Even so, you can still get cheaper, a whole lot cheaper, translation services from students, other dabblers, and backpack companies. Unfortunately, though, quality and price have a nasty habit of walking together, so that you have to choose the translator according to your requirements for quality and the importance of the job to you. If dependability and high quality are your main considerations, your best bet is an experienced professional working without intermediaries. Then again, if quality is of little or no concern, why not save your money? Why pay for champagne if beer suffices?