Need a top translator? You just found one.

Welcome to Pekka Hirvonen's Finnish-English translation service Toisin sanoen - In Other Words. I operate this one-man outfit to provide people with an opportunity of still getting translations that are fluent and clear, dependable, and linguistically correct. In 2014 I have done professional translation work for 49 years. For about the same time I have also been writing and editing scholarly English texts. I translate all texts but cake recipes.

Toisin sanoen - In Other Words is no backpack company. There is no coordinator to find a brisk young novice every time to do your translation job. No no, I do all orders myself. You will always know who does your translation job and with what qualifications.

I am a native speaker of Finnish educated in Finnish. I started learning English in 1955 and am going on learning it today. I have a PhD in the English language (University of Turku 1974). I made my main career, until retirement (1973-2005), as Professor of English at the University of Joensuu. I have lived and worked several years in the US – as an exchange student, teacher, and researcher – and have travelled extensively in the US, Canada, Britain, Ireland, South Africa, and Australia. I got my mandate to work as an authorised translator, both English to Finnish and Finnish to English, from the Finnish Ministry of Justice back in 1987. Furthermore, I belong to a generation that learnt at school to revise their work and to take as much time doing it as it needs.

My services include translations from Finnish into English and from English into Finnish (including official translations), editing of texts in English (sometimes called language checking), and consecutive interpretation. For details, see the page "Services."

The translation service Toisin sanoen - In Other Words is always open. Most of the time I serve clients at my “head office” in Joensuu, Finland (picture left), at other times at my “branch office” (picture right). At both offices I am reachable by cell phone, email, and most of the time by snail mail.

When quality matters, call or mail me.

On the next pages I present my operation in more detail.

If you can't be bothered to plough through all the jabbering, just go to the "Contact" page and see if that calls for any action.

I collaborate with Copypanthers.