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When you need a translation, do not leave it till the last minute but contact a translator as soon as the need arises. Competent translators have work queued up most of the time, so that they will not be able to start on your job right away. Or, if they do take a rush job, at least you’ll have to pay extra for overtime. Besides, if you start inquiring early, you won't be forced to accept the first offer but can shop around and pick the best translator for your purposes.

If you want to inquire about my services, the best and quickest way is to call my cell phone. If you can’t reach me pretty quick, send a text message or email. Those I will answer in 24 hours. If you describe the service you want, I’ll give you a ballpark figure for the price right away.

For a precise cost and time estimate of a translation or language editing job, email the text to me as a Word or pdf file or give me the Internet link where I can access the text. This will not cost you anything or bind you to anything. I will respond with a precise cost and time estimate and will do nothing further until you either accept the offer and give me a billing address or reject the offer. I will appreciate a response from you also if you reject the offer, so that I can keep my work schedule up to date. – If your text is not available in an electronic form, there’s always the post office.

An official translation must be made from the original paper document or a certified copy of it. I can make the translation from an uncertified copy or an email attachment (preferably pdf), but I must see the original (or a certified copy) before I confirm the translation with my stamp and signature.

To make an offer for an interpretation job, I need detailed information on the nature, duration, and timetable of the occasion and, particularly, on the materials available for preparation.