Though my main area of operation has been eastern Finland from 1973 on, I have accumulated clients from all around Finland over the decades, the capital area being the second main area after North Karelia. I have done a lot of work, both translations of documents and interpretation jobs, for law courts, the prosecutor's office, and law firms. Other regular clients, also for a long time, have been scholars at universities and research institutes sending their manuscripts for language editing or translation. Recent years have seen quite a few orders to translate web pages for different associations, institutes, and firms, especially in the tourist industry.

What follows is a detailed list of the kinds of jobs I have done and the clients I have served over the decades. The list is not exhaustive but perhaps exhausting enough as it is...

Documents, mostly official translations

What Certificates of schools, colleges, polytechnics and universities, extracts from the population register, marriage certificates, references, divorce decisions and certificates, citizenship applications, testaments, estate inventory deeds, medical reports, epicrises, entries for the Guinness Book of Records, love letters (not official…)

For whom Typically, private citizens who need official translations of their documents when moving to or out of Finland or dealing with authorities abroad with Finnish documents or in Finland with foreign documents

Texts pertaining to business activities

What Articles of association, contracts, financial statements, brochures, web pages, speeches, a hotel book, a restaurant menu, building condition reports, business and export licences

For whom Autolava Oy Ltd, Mantsinen Group Oy Ltd, Piippo-tuote Oy Ltd, Joen Kivituote Ky, Suinuu Medical Centre, EMT Design Oy Ltd, Theatre Restaurant (Joensuu), Hotel Kimmel, Pohjola Insurance Company, Sericotechnics Ltd, Liperi Mill, Jokipakari Bakery, Lipertek Oy Ltd, The Joensuu Regional Development Company Josek Oy Ltd, Itä-Suomen Kolmiokuljetus, Kit-Sell Oy Ltd, Okun Autolähetti Oy Ltd, Joensuun Elli Student Housing Ltd, The Joensuun Virranvälke Condominium Ltd, KoliCarelia villas, Future Freetime Holiday and Course Centre, Niinilahti Cottages, Kirjokansi, VP Aikio Oy Ltd, Havukainen Oy Ltd, Anapole Technologies, North Karelia Bureau for Investigating Economic Crimes, Mentorit Oy Ltd, Kata-Electronics Oy Ltd, Suomen Levyprofiili Oy Ltd, Wishbone Ltd, Suomen Rakennusterveyspalvelut Oy Ltd, Gunsmith's shop Ase Utra Oy

Organizational and institutional communication

What Brochures, EU project applications, official documents, information packages, web pages, project and research reports, curricula, instructions for writing theses, young people's guide to Finnish law

For whom City of Joensuu, City of Lieksa, Regional Council of North Karelia, Regional Council of Northern Ostrobothnia, Municipality of Tohmajärvi, Joint Municipal Authority for Medical and Social Services in North Karelia, Kaprakka Rehabilitation Centre, North Karelia Regional Environment Centre, Joensuun Kataja/Basketball, North Karelia Employment and Economic Development Centre, International Solidarity Foundation, The Foundation of the Finnish Orthodox Cultural Centre, North Karelia Mediation Office, Active Job Seekers, Finnish Maritime Administration, North Karelia College Outokumpu, Savonlinna Christian Institute, the Mormon Church, Joensuu City Centre Association, Vaara-Karjalan Leader, Koli Tourism Association, Evangelical Lutheran Congregations in Joensuu

Juridical texts

What Summons applications, summonses, written responses, testaments, divorce petitions and decisions, custody petitions and decisions, marriage settlement agreements

For whom Joensuu District Court, Joensuu Prosecutor's Office, Joensuu Legal Aid Office, Eastern Finland Court of Appeals (Kuopio), Joensuu Administrative Court, numerous law offices round Finland

Academic communication

What Language editing and translation of scholarly articles, conference papers and whole books for researchers at universities and research institutes in the fields of classical philology, jurisprudence, psychology, sociology, social policy, education, information technology, forestry, plant biology, consumer research, and futures studies; also administrative documents such as strategy plans, annual reports and self-assessment reports; rector's speeches

For whom University of Joensuu, University of Kuopio, University of Oulu, University of Lapland, University of Helsinki, Helsinki School of Economics, University of Eastern Finland, University of Tromsø, Consumer Research Centre, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Finnish Meteorological Institute, North Karelia Polytechnic


What Consecutive interpretation at court sessions, in mediation of crimes and disputes, in lawyer-client negotiations, in adoption counselling, in child custody and child welfare interviews, at international political visits, meetings, and receptions, and at international seminars

For whom Joensuu District Court, Eastern Finland Court of Appeals (Kuopio), Iisalmi District Court, law offices, Regional Council of North Karelia, Regional Council of Northern Ostrobothnia, University of Joensuu, City of Joensuu, North Karelia Polytechnic, North Karelia Mediation Office, Save the Children Finland, Joensuu Child Welfare